Buy Titanium Metals Online. Commercially Pure and Alloy Titanium - Grade 2 and Grade 5

Titanium Processing Center
is an online supplier of Commercially Pure and Alloy Titanium (Grade 2 and Grade 5). Our available products include:

Titanium Sheet Titanium Bar Titanium Plate Seamless Titanium Tubing Welded Titanium Tubing Titanium Pipe is operated by Titanium Processing Center (TPC) in New Baltimore, Michigan. We offer an extensive inventory of titanium bar, plate, sheet, tube, pipe, wire, fasteners, fittings and other titanium products. Please visit the TPC website at for a complete product listing.

In addition to titanium mill products we also provide value-added services including sawing, turning, shearing, waterjet cutting and drilling. TPC has NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS, so whether you order a small sheet or a thousand pounds we can deliver the materials or products you need.

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